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Medical Malpractice

$4,500,000: Wrongful birth of a child after misinterpretation of a fetal ultrasound.

$3,750,000: Failure to detect a cerebral bleed.

$3,500,000: Improper post-surgical intubation.

$3,445,000: Birth injury from negligent delivery of baby.

$3,250,000: Birth injury from negligent delivery of baby.

$3,200,000: Failure to diagnose infection in a child.

$2,500,000: Failure to diagnose cardiac condition.

$2,425,000: Improper intubation of infant.

$2,100,000: Failure to diagnose cancer.

$1,650,000: Verdict for negligent prenatal care and delivery of infant with brachial plexus injury.

$1,500,000: Birth injury from negligent delivery.

$1,250,000: Failure to diagnose cancer.

$1,234,000: Verdict for failure to detect liver bleed.

$1,167,500: Emergency room failures to diagnose and treat.

$1,150,000: Delay in diagnosis and treatment of obstructed bowel.

$1,100,000: Failure to diagnose cancer.

$900,000: Failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism.

$855,000: Birth injury as a result of delay in delivery.

$850,000: Failure to diagnose cancer.

$850,000: Neurological dysfunction after epidural steroid injection.

$800,000: Failure to prescribe anticoagulation medication for patient with atrial fibrillation.

$775,000: Failure to monitor trach dependent child in rehab facility.

$640,000: Judgment for wrongful birth.

$600,000: For delay in treatment of high blood pressure.

$500,000: Failed hip replacement surgery.

$500,000: Insurance policy limits for brachial plexus injury.

Premises Liability

$3,500,000: For injuries suffered by a child before birth when her mother slipped and fell in a store while pregnant.

$1,100,000: For injuries suffered by child after detonating railroad flares that had been left in an accessible area.

$750,000: For sexual assault on college campus as a result of negligent security.

$690,000: Verdict for injuries suffered as a result of defective water slide at water theme park.

$500,000: For injuries suffered by truck driver while unloading his truck at building supply store.

Products Liability

$2,700,000: For injuries after rollover of truck caused by defective tire.

$2,500,000: For injuries suffered as a result of defective seatbelt.

Bad Faith Insurance

$2,500,000: Delay in settlement.

$1,200,000: Improper denial of insurance coverage.