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Miami Wrongful Birth Lawyer

Florida is one of more than 20 states that allow wrongful birth lawsuits in which parents seek damages for a child born with birth defects. These cases are premised on the idea that negligent medical treatment or advice deprived the parents of the opportunity to avoid conception or terminate the pregnancy.

Advanced genetic testing allows medical providers to routinely determine early in pregnancy the presence of certain birth defects in the fetus. The first wrongful birth case was recognized in Texas in 1975. Several thousand wrongful birth lawsuits have been filed since then.

Attorney Kenneth J. Bush, P.A., was among the first lawyers in Florida to file wrongful birth lawsuits, beginning in the mid-1990s.

Because most individuals do not have the money required to take on a doctor’s or a hospital’s insurance company, we accept all cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay attorney’s fees unless you receive payment via a settlement or judgment.

Coral Gables Prenatal Testing Error Attorney

As long ago as 1995, attorney Bush achieved for a Miami couple a multi-million wrongful birth settlement brought after their daughter was born with a spinal defect that would forever prevent her from walking.

The couple asserted that the gynecologist and the ultrasound technician who cared for the mother during pregnancy were negligent in detecting the girl’s defective spine.

Parents of children with disabilities love their children, but that does not erase the life-changing responsibilities of having a son or daughter who needs specialized, around-the-clock care throughout his or her life. You should not have to shoulder that financial burden alone if it can be shown that fetal ultrasound negligence or some other medical negligence prevented the disabilities from being diagnosed early in the pregnancy.

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