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Infant Injuries from Oxygen Deprivation at Birth

When you are preparing for a new baby, it is an event filled with anticipation for you, your family, and your friends. However, what was supposed to be a happy occasion can become a nightmare if your baby is deprived of oxygen at birth. When this happens, your baby’s life will be forever changed due to the negligence of your doctor and other medical staff. If you have experienced this situation, immediately contact an experienced Panama City birth injury attorney.

Common Birth Injuries
We all know that oxygen is needed for survival. It fuels our entire body and without it, or even a lack of it can cause serious damage. Without sufficient oxygen, the body is unable to function properly and things start shutting down. Brain cells start to die if they are deprived from oxygen for too long. This can cause a number of injuries on anyone and especially for infants. Some of the most common injuries from oxygen deprivation at birth include:

  • • Autism
  • • Cerebral palsy
  • • ADHD
  • • Seizures
  • • nutritional deficiencies,
  • • poor growth

Other signs of oxygen deprivation can include failing organs, a low APGAR score and behavioral problems. Unfortunately, many symptoms may not be noticeable at first. Some newborns will not show symptoms until several months after the delivery.

These injuries not only drastically impact the life of you and your child, but they are costly as well. As an example, should your baby be diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it is estimated by the CDC that the expenses associated with your child’s treatment could exceed $1 million over their lifetime. This is why it is important to contact a Florida medical malpractice attorney, who can prove that negligence was the cause and help you get the compensation you need to care for your child.

Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes, and their mistakes can cost you and your family. If you and your baby are facing an uncertain future in terms of medical care, it is important that you contact an attorney. Schedule a consultation today with a skilled Panama City birth injury attorney to find out more.