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HELPERR: A Guide for Treating Shoulder Dystocia

HELPERR is the official guide that doctors and midwives use to treat shoulder dystocia. The procedure is not guaranteed to work, but it increases the chances of an infant’s survival. If the procedure fails and a severe injury or death occurs, it’s important to work with a medical malpractice attorney.

What HELPERR Means

HELPERR is the acronym used to identify and treat shoulder dystocia injuries. Shoulder dystocia is a sudden problem that affects the proper delivery of a child. After the head is delivered, the shoulder cannot pass through and may result in the infant’s death.

The “H” in HELPERR stands for help because it’s important to seek help immediately. The “E” stands for episiotomy, a surgical procedure that assists with shoulder dystocia, and the “L” stands for legs, as in lifting the legs during the McRoberts maneuver. The “P” is for pressure, as in suprapubic pressure, the “E” is for Enter maneuvers, the “R” means to remove the posterior arm and the second “R” means to roll onto the stomach.

When a doctor or midwife is not present, a shoulder dystocia can be fatal to the child or cause serious birth defects. A medical professional may be present, but either not perform the HELPERR procedure at all or perform it incorrectly.

Know Your Rights

Every medical patient has the right to receive proper medical care. If not, every person has the right to sue the doctor or hospital for medical malpractice. The first step is to know your legal rights and then contact a medical malpractice attorney.

Contact an Attorney

Make sure that you consult with a medical malpractice lawyer who has more specialized expertise than a personal injury lawyer. Kenneth J Bush PA has helped the families of victims who have had unnecessary problems with shoulder dystocia. He understands the laws in Florida that protect the victims of medical negligence and offer them compensation. Contact the right Miami medical malpractice law firm to schedule a consultation with Kenneth J Bush PA.