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Heart Trouble Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosing heart trouble is a potentially life-threatening mistake. For the severity of its outcome, the problem is not uncommon among doctors. Although heart disease is still one of the leading causes of death for both men and women, a misdiagnosis of stroke or anxiety still occurs. Finding the right Miami Florida medical malpractice attorney can help you financially recover from this experience.

How Can Doctors Misdiagnose Such a Serious Health Issue?
Issues pertaining to the heart can look like other health concerns like a panic disorder. In certain segments of the population, misdiagnosis rates are higher. Women and those who are younger than middle age tend to have greater difficulty receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Why Are Women Misdiagnosed at Higher Rates Than Men?
The signs and symptoms of a heart attack are often different for women. They may not have the same dramatic affect men have when experiencing heart issues. Women can experience a heart attack and can potentially continue to go on with their life for several days post attack. According to a New England Journal of Medicine study, women are 7 times more likely to have heart issues misdiagnosed if they are under the age of 55.

Who Can Misdiagnose Heart Trouble?
Many people assume the only person capable of misdiagnosis is a cardiologist. While emergency physicians are also capable of misdiagnosing heart trouble, other healthcare providers can also contribute to the problem. Triage nurses and even medical students and interns can also misdiagnose heart trouble. Those who work outside of a hospital can prove more likely to misdiagnose such a serious problem.

What Can You Do?
There are a variety of symptoms that patients can experience due to lack of proper care. Risks of a misdiagnosis are serious and can include an increase in heart-related issues that may be life-threatening. Knowing your rights is key to finding the justice and support you may need moving forward. Contact a skilled Miami Heart Attack lawyer today if you or a loved one have suffered from misdiagnosis. For further information, please get in touch with a Florida misdiagnosis attorney at the Law Firm of Kenneth J. Bush, P.A. to get the help you need.