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BPI: What do you do now?

Brachial plexus injuries (BPI)are complicated nerve disorders that can be caused by a variety of factors, but the super majority are caused by human error by physicians or midwives using excessive traction effectuating delivery when there is a shoulder dystocia during childbirth. BPI typically leaves the victim unable to function normally, and seeking financial compensation may be a necessity when the damage was due to negligence by another responsible party, including medical professionals. This also means it is vital to retain an experienced medical malpractice lawyer like Kenneth J Bush PA for a successful and equitable outcome of the claim.

Proving Your Claim

The primary responsibility of a medical malpractice attorney in Cutler Bay is establishing as fact that the claimed injury is due to the negligence of the respondent party. Your BPI attorney can access all medical records associated with any treatment regimen, including records from appointments and testing leading up to the ultimate birth, and draw a direct connection to the injury and the negligent party. Medical injury cases can be complicated, as injuries can even be due to poor communication within a hospital staff in major treatment facilities, and having an experienced legal counselor is important due to understanding of the medical terminology and treatment protocol. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer also understands how to set a whole compensation recovery amount based on damage that occurs as a result of the injury.

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BPI conditions have a lifetime impact on the victim, and the attorney you choose makes a major difference when pursuing compensation. Anyone in the Miami FL area who has a potential BPI claim should contact Kenneth J Bush PA Miami medical malpractice attorney.