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4 Common Radiology Errors

Naturally we trust medical specialists to know what they are doing when they provide care to you. We may not always realize that specialists like radiologists can and many times make serious mistakes in patient care. You can act in your own medical best interests and be ready to hire a Florida medical malpractice attorney if you fall victim to any of these four common radiology errors.

1. Misdiagnosis of a Serious Illness or Injury

Misdiagnosis of illnesses and injuries are the most common errors that radiologists commit when taking care of patients. Due to their own ineptitude, lack of training or experience, or outright negligence, they may fail to diagnose dire conditions like:

  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Spinal and non-spinal fractures
  • Vascular disease

Their failure to diagnose these conditions correctly causes patients needless suffering, pain, and can put the patient’s life at risk. This is why it is crucial to contact  knowledgeable radiology misdiagnosis lawyers.

2. Poor Technique or Image Acquisition Errors 

Radiology error lawyers have also found that some radiologists may use poor techniques or fail to acquire images correctly when treating patients. These radiology errors are caused by factors like staff shortages, inexperience, and inadequate equipment. They too put the life of patients at risk.

3. Communication in Radiology Errors

While litigating cases, medical malpractice lawyers in Florida have also uncovered cases of radiologists committing communication errors. This happens when they fail to properly communicate reports and diagnoses to doctors and patients. They also improperly compile or make significant errors in patient reports. Communication errors can result in incorrect recommendations being given to patients.

4. Cognitive or Interpretive Mistakes 

Cognitive or interpretive mistakes are another common error found in radiology. This happens when a radiologist fails to appreciate the meaning or importance of an abnormality or normal variant in an image. This error often leads to an incorrect diagnosis being made and the patient’s life being put in jeopardy.

Experienced lawyers can take immediate action on your behalf to address serious cases of radiology medical malpractice. You can get your case started by hiring a skilled attorney today.